Who Am I?

**Wrote this a few years ago and thought you guys might like it 🙂 **

I get asked a lot who I am, what I do, and what I stand for.

I am a tool.

I am a weapon.

I am a symbol.

I am a tool of change… bridging the gap of racism, sexism, and speciesism. Leading by example to show that all lives matter and that diversity is gorgeous. I will not stand by you as you mock others behind a computer screen. I will not stand by you as you fill your world with hate of another.

I am a weapon against the nay-sayers… who exploit other living beings for their personal gain. I will not allow you to rip others from their natural habitat only to incarcerate them because they are more entertaining for you behind glass. I will not stop writing our government until all are free. I will not accept your excuses. I will defend with my time and my honor through education and patience.

I am a symbol of hope for all. That one day we truly will be treated equal. That our Heavenly Father’s teachings can be proclaimed across all nations. Knowledge will flourish and love will prevail.

I am all of these things. Who are you?

-Sarah Hartley 08/31/16

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