Coco Crazy!!


Hola friends!

I’m sure this is the first of many products I love that you will see on my blog. Part of being vegan and earth conscience is buying from companies with the same values. Companies with the same values don’t support animal testing, don’t use animal products in their products, and support efforts to reduce waste, upcycle items, and recycle when possible.

It’s safe to say that Coconut Bowls is my favorite kitchenware company! They have a couple of different finishes like the natural coconut bowl, the original (which is polished), white coconut bowls with a white finish on the inside, and their new Earth Andy jumbo coconut bowls! They also carry a few different types of spoons, a fork, and straw set. I’m excited to try all of these! I currently have two of their original bowls and two of their white bowls.

You can use coconut bowls to hold anything, but it is advised to not use super hot foods in them. Check out some of the uses below! They’re super easy to clean. You just hand wash them with normal dish soap and lukewarm water. Then let them air dry. You can use them time and time again. Every 10 washes or so if you notice your bowls aren’t as shiny as you like them, you can polish them with coconut oil! So easy!


This is an excellent opportunity to reuse an item that would generally be thrown away (the coconut shell)! The shells are then generally burned, letting off a surplus of smoke, resulting in high amounts of CO2 and Methane emissions. These emissions are harmful  to animals and humans. For this reason, it is easy to love Coconut Bowls’ mission. Plus they’re super cute and no two bowls are alike!

If you’re interested in checking them out visit Coconut Bowls

Peace, love, & coconut bowls!

❤ VeganSarahMarie

P.S. I think it’s important to note that this is my honest review and I am not being paid in any way for this. I just love Coconut Bowls!

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