That Feeling

Another oldie but a goodie from an old blog of mine 🙂

That feeling of the first day of Spring, opening a window and feeling the breeze.

That feeling of landing your first gig. Verdict is out.. you’re going to make it big!

That feeling of your ideas taking shape. Like your momma always said, “You’re gonna be great!”

That feeling of coming back home. “Welcome back soldier. We missed you while you were gone.”

That feeling of knowing your baby is born safe. The miracle of life. God’s prevailing grace.

That feeling of your wedding day with the promise of forever. 50 years later reliving the moments that brought you together.

That feeling of letting a vice go. Freeing your soul and letting yourself grow.

That feeling of joy on a crisp church Sunday. Praying to God to hug those you will see again one day.

That feeling of forgiveness and being free. Thanking God for His mercy and all your blessings.

That feeling of an assisting hand, pulling you up and helping you stand.

That feeling of courtesy, chivalry, or a smile. Knowing you’ve improved someone’s day by going the extra mile.

No matter what it is, no matter how big or small. I encourage you to focus on “that feeling” that leaves you in awe.

-Sarah Hartley 02/24/17

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