VeganSarahMarie’s Tips & Tidbits 11.21.18

Vegan Product of the Week:

By far the best cheeze-it replacement I have found! All the yumm, none of the guilt. (Well maybe a little). #snackqueen Vegan Cheddar Flavor Squares


Company Shout Out:

This weeks shout out goes to Earth Balance. They’ve curated some delicious spreads, butters, and snacks. They promote veganism and switching to a plant based diet- all without those nasty GMOs. For that, I support them! Check them out at Earth Balance


Recipe To Try: 

These plant based mini pot pies from Earth Balance look phenomenal and perfect for cold wintery weather. Check out the recipe at Plant Made Mini Pot Pies


Vegan News:

  • A researcher has developed a plant-based meat substitute that’s made with a 3D printer (article)
  • A zero-waste vegan Christmas market has just opened up in London (article)
  • The Best Vegan-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations (PETA blog)
  • Dave & Buster’s has added the Impossible Burger to their menu (link)
  • Looking for Places to Order Vegan Pizza? Try These 47 Chains (PETA blog)
  • These Vegan Whipped Cream Brands Will Top Any Dairy-Free Dessert Perfectly (PETA blog)
  • Venues With Values: Restaurants That Have Switched to All-Vegan Menus (PETA blog)

 Happy Thanksliving!!

Peace, love, and vegan eats,

Vegan Sarah Marie

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