Gardein Skillet Meals

Hi friends! I hope April is treating you well so far. I sure am enjoying this Spring warm up here in Indiana!

Vegan Product of the Week:

I might be slightly obsessed with how easy and simple these Gardein Skillet Meals are. These are an excellent go to for a busy vegan family. They make a tasty indulgent vegan meal for two adults and are a great way for my picky toddlers to grab a sample of what we’re having.

They present pretty well too 😉


Vegan news from our friends at PETA:

  • Burger King just announced a test run of the Impossible Burger at 59 restaurant locations in the St. Louis area, although it will not be prepared vegan. (link)
  • Veggie Grill is Expanding to the East Coast! (link)
  • The Must-Have Vegan Cookbooks of 2019 (PETA blog)
  • Ben & Jerry’s Debuts Vegan Cookie Dough Bites (link)
  • Woody Harrelson is producing a vegan documentary series called “Wicked Healthy World” that will feature vegan chefs, farmers and innovators from all over the world, exploring how we can work together towards a sustainable food system (link)
  • An article in Men’s Healthhighlights why vegans live long than non-vegans (link)
  • Taco Bell Gets More Vegan-Friendly With New Special Menu (PETA blog)
  • Save Chickens and Your Heart—Opt for One of These Vegan Egg Options (PETA blog)
  • These Frozen Yogurt Chains Offer Vegan Flavors (PETA blog)
  • [UK only] Subway has launched a Vegan with Garlic Aioli wrap that includes a vegan patty (link)
  • The Best Vegan Frozen Burritos, Perfect for When You’re On the Go (PETA blog)
  • Vegan Dress Shoes: Stylish, Practical, and Kind (PETA blog)
  • The Best Vegan Shoes Shopping Guide (PETA blog)
  • From Oxfords to Ankle Boots, Fall in Love With These Vegan Shoes (PETA blog)

Peace, love, and vegan eats,

Vegan Sarah Marie
Vegan Mentor

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