I’m Bananas for Barnana



I am a fan of anything upcycled, especially with food. That’s Barnana’s specialty! They take bananas that are too small, too ripe, or too scuffed & turn them into Barnana products like chips, brittle, and bites.


Their products are packed full of nutrients naturally, are vegan & are mega delicious. I love the brittle as a sweet treat or with breakfast!


Barnana is expanding their scope too. Here in Indiana I’ve seen them at Kroger, Meijer, & even a small town BP gas station (which I was extra stoked about).


Barnana teaches us to not judge a banana by its peel! A lesson we could all learn from.

Check out their drool worthy snacks here



Veganism/Animal Rights in the News:

  • Perfect Day’s “very first product will be available for purchase in limited quantities on July 11 at 9 a.m. ET at perfectdayfoods.com.” This is the company making real dairy proteins (whey and casein) through genetically engineered flora (filtered out, so end product is GMO free), which can be used to make real dairy products like cheese that are vegan (and also free of lactose). (link)
  • Plant-based protein: A fad, or here to stay? (link)

o   “Restaurant sales of meat alternatives have grown by 268% in the past year, according to purchasing organization the Dining Alliance. And a report from consulting firm Food & Tech Connect puts investment in alternative meat and seafood products at $192 million in 2018. Of that, $164 million went to two plant-based meat companies, Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat.”

  • How Do You Counter People Who Attack You For Being Vegetarian? (link)

o   In conversation with Ingrid Newkirk, Founder of PETA India and of PETA affiliates worldwide.


  • No Pigs Were Killed to Make These Delicious Vegan Corn Dogs (PETA blog)
  • Morningstar corn dogs are now vegan. (link)
  • Vegan Snackin’ Tips for Road Trips (PETA blog)
  • Looking for Vegan Pudding? Try These Brands (PETA blog)
  • 13 Fun Vegan Finds We Discovered at Sprouts Farmers Market (PETA blog)
  • Here’s How to Order Vegan at Noodles & Company (PETA blog)
  • Seasons 52 Restaurant Serves Up an Extensive Vegan Menu (PETA blog)
  • Cut Calories in Half by Omitting Oil From Your Vegan Recipes (PETA blog)


  • Happy Cow is looking to increase website contributions, as well as recruit Brand Ambassadors for cities. All volunteer based, but Ambassadors receive perks for helping Happy Cow: https://www.happycow.net/ambassadors.



Peace, love & Barnana,

Vegan Sarah Marie

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