Self Care Saturday with Winged CBD

Happy Self Care Saturday ya’ll! I’ve got some friends over at Winged CBD to introduce to you! Hayden & Hartley love helping me unbox (and rightly so, they get goodies often too!) but they commented on how pretty this Winged CBD box was. Hayden loved the “Future is Female” name plate specifically. What a smart boy. 🙂


Winged CBD is the first CBD company founded for women by a beautiful woman named Jessica Mulligan. After suffering from crippling anxiety (yes queen I can relate), Jessica started researching the benefits of CBD and has designed a line to help women stand strong and take flight.


Besides being legit some of the cutest packaging I’ve ever seen, this CBD actually shows up and shows out in your system. Their relax oil and gummies calm and ground me. Staying calm and grounded is a daily struggle for me! My mind runs a mile a minute and I myself even have a hard time keeping up with all the thoughts I’m having. Winged CBD helps bring me back down to zen, to calm, to peace. The bonus kicker is their oils and gummies are vegan and taste like Heaven! I’ve had some terrible CBD gummies in my time, and these are out of this world good! Winged CBD has totally redeemed by view of CBD gummies.


For those of you not familiar with CBD for stress relief, pain, and other ailments, CBD (cannabidiol) is one of over one hundred chemical compounds derived from the cannabis plant. Hemp derived CBD contains 0.3% or less THC content which is neither psychoactive nor illegal (in my state.. but it’s always good to know your laws).

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD, and/or insomia, this product is designed for you mama! Visit them at Winged CBD

I’ll be over here indulging by myself until you join me.


Peace, love and self care,

Vegan Sarah Marie

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