I just took an EverlyWell test… turns out I’m 100% feeling better

I just took a DNA test.. turns out I’m a hundred percent that…. Oh wait, sorry ya’ll.. was channeling my inner Lizzo.

But I DID just take a Food Sensitivity Test with my friends over at EverlyWell. Through a simple finger prick blood sample I was able to view my reactivity to 96 different foods.


It was no surprise to me that certain foods like all animal products effected me including eggs, cow milk, goats milk, yogurt, and chicken. Since I choose not to eat those foods anyway and will be a life long vegan, that is of no issue 😉 The test did open my eyes to a few foods I believed to have questionable sensitivities to like gluten and bananas which were among the most reactive. But it also opened my eyes to foods I was unaware I had any reactivity to like eggplant, garlic, and ginger. It’s no wonder my stomach is always in fits.

This test provides beautiful insight into what is happening inside your body and can be used as a tool to understanding your health and happiness better. By reducing consumption of foods you are reactive to and eating more of the foods you are not reactive to, you can put extra efforts forward to make sure you are living your best life. I’m already feeling better and loving having a calm tummy. Since taking their test I haven’t had any debilitating abdominal pain like I was having before. So thankful to have found EverlyWell in time. What a relief.


I am a huge proponent of taking charge of your own health and EverlyWell makes it painless, simple, and expedient. To get 20% off their home health tests use my unique link here. The discount can be applied to any of their tests including my food sensitivity test I’ve done, and others like Metabolism, Vitamin D, and Thyroid! The holiday season is approaching and these would make excellent gifts for your loved ones.

Peace, love, and gut health,



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