Hey vegan fam!

I have found the funnest EASIEST way to raise money for animals… all from the comfort of your own home! Or in my case, during my free time!


For every review you leave, abillionveg donates $1 to animals. And yes, there’s even an app for that! Their app is user-friendly and took me no time to write my first 10 reviews of some of my favorite products in my beauty kit.


It’s as easy as download, review, and donate. The best part is there is no limit on how many reviews you can leave. So over-achievers unite! We got this!


It’s fun to discover new brands and support the brands you already know and love by using their easy app. Upload your own photos to help others discover those products you love. I’ve already posted about Hydrant, Evan Healy, Twice, and Rahua! But best of all… use those dollars for donations towards some of the best animal sanctuaries and animal rights non-profits in the country.


Sign up under my link here & lets get donating to animals in need!

To put it into perspective: 1 review can feed a marine rescue worker for one day. 25 reviews/dollars can provide a burner phone for an undercover investigator and 50 reviews can feed hundreds of birds per week!

There’s so many options to choose from so you can pick the organization you are the most passionate about. Do the reviews on your own time and post about the products or vegan food dishes at your favorite restaurants you already know and love to rack up some serious bucks for the animals!

Peace, love, and abillionveg!

❤ VeganSarahMarie


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