How many of your feel like you’ve been personally victimized by this Winter?

I was just saying how smoothe this Indiana Winter was… & boom.
Snow ❄️ Wind chills of -4 🥶
The little ones get sick.. and like clockwork momma does too.

I see ads all the time promoting new meds, folks living religiously off of z-packs (which I’ve never had), mandatory flu shots in the work place, and people popping DayQuil like it’s their job. I’ll be honest.. I let my body fight it. I use herbal remedies only, like tea to make myself feel a little better.


To all the people who profit of our sickness, this one is for you 🖕🏼. To all the beautiful souls who strive for our wellness and fight for it, thank you. 🙏🏼 I can count on our sweet friends at @blueprint to make clean refreshing juices that fuel our immune system and detox us when needed.


Marketing and advertising is a strategic ballgame. Make sure you know who is profiting off your best interest. And use your dollar to vote for the best companies ♥️

Loving this pineapple 🍍 blend. Dreaming of summer over here! & the rocket launch is what green dreams are made of.

Use LEAP25 for 25% off your order now through 2/29!


Peace, love, and vegan juices!


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