Each + Every

Have you made the switch….?

To natural deodorant?

The heavy metals found in “traditional” deodorants are scary! All the aluminum has me running for the hills. What’s equally as important as what you’re putting IN your body is what you’re putting ON your body. Our skin absorbs pollutants and chemicals from products we use.


We’re all in the self-love space right now (which I love) so show yourself a little love and control what you’re putting on your body. Vote with your dollar to support brands that make organic vegan and cruelty-free options.

The sweethearts over at @eachandeverycompany believe that ingredients matter. No aluminum. No parabens. No synthetic fragrances. No baking soda. Gluten-free. Cruelty-free. And VEGAN! They’re the all stars of the deodorant game. I am loving their Black Spruce + Fir. Subtle fragrance and great coverage. I’ve heard they have a Cannabis + Green Tea scent too which sounds awesome! Go check them out here and use code: VEGANSARAH for 20% off your order!

Peace, love, & Each + Every,

Vegan Sarah Marie

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