Herbaland and Chill

How are you spending your quarantine?

Being super productive? Cleaning the house? Being teacher/mother/custodian of the year? Learning 18 new hobbies?

Or the opposite? Laying on the couch days on end? Eating all the snacks and back up food? Binge watching Tiger 🐅 King and playing video games?

Or somewhere in between? Don’t worry.. there’s no wrong answer. I hope you’re doing whatever is best for you right now!
It’s been a busy time in the public safety scene.. thanks COVID 🙄 so I’ve been on my toes. But when I go home, I’m letting myself fully relax. Through the highs and lows and all the in-betweens, I’m staying healthy with @herbalandgummies

They have sleep plus gummies for when you need help relaxing and resting, energie plus for when you need a boost to rock your day, and tons of others to keep you happy and healthy in between. I’m loving their vegan collagen and their D3/B12 combo. All their gummies are vegan and delicious, so you’re safe with them v-gang!


Stay happy, stay healthy friends. Turn off that news and pay attention to your body.


All my love ♥️




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