VeganSarahMarie’s Tips & Tidbits 12.12.18

I hope everyone is staying warm and cozy out there this Holiday Season! Please reach out if any of you have any questions about being vegan around the holidays 🙂 Recipe To Try:  Delicious and cruelty free eggnog? Yes please! Brought to you by Tasty Yummies EGGNOG! Ingredients 2 cups homemade cashew milk or other non-dairy … Continue reading VeganSarahMarie’s Tips & Tidbits 12.12.18

VeganSarahMarie’s Tips & Tidbits 11.21.18

Vegan Product of the Week: By far the best cheeze-it replacement I have found! All the yumm, none of the guilt. (Well maybe a little). #snackqueen Vegan Cheddar Flavor Squares Company Shout Out: This weeks shout out goes to Earth Balance. They've curated some delicious spreads, butters, and snacks. They promote veganism and switching to a … Continue reading VeganSarahMarie’s Tips & Tidbits 11.21.18